Jalite Photoluminescent Products

JALITE Products

​JALITE photoluminescent products and materials have been designed, manufactured and supplied as the core products of its extensive range of safety signs and related risk reduction products since the early 1970s.
JALITE Group manufacture photoluminescent fire, health and safety, means of escape safety signs and safety way guidance system components as well as other photoluminescent products for safety applications worldwide.

Safety signs are produced to the International Language of Safety Signs and in many languages of the world.

Other photoluminescent products include paints, marker tapes, photoline matting and high visibility clothing. Specialist signs are manufactured for marine and offshore applications.
JALITE Products are assigned to the following product families:

JALITE Product Families

JALITE Group designs and produces products in the following product families:
  • JALITE Photoluminescent Safety Signs

  • JALITE Photoluminescent Marine Safety Signs

  • JALITE Photoluminescent Vinyl Tapes
  • JALITE Photoluminescent Plastic and Metal Materials

  • JALITE Photoluminescent Coatings
  • JALITE Photoluminescent Safety Way guidance components

  • JALITE Photoluminescent Safety, Emergency and Escape Plans
  • JALITE Photoluminescent Clothing

  • JALITE Photoluminescent Floorings
  • JALITE Ordinary safety signs, tags and labels

  • JALITE Facility Signs


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